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  • 2010 Opening of the Krav Maga DTS headquarters in the City of Harrisburg NC USA. Krav Maga DTS (Defense Tactic Systems) is a variant of Krav Maga that was developed by Ruben Irigoyen. This variant maintains its roots in the original Krav Maga, which was created by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1940s as a combat system for the Israeli defense forces.

  • Krav Maga is based on practical and efficient movements, focused on self-defense and survival in realistic combat situations. The philosophy behind Krav Maga DTS is to maintain the practical and realistic approach of the original Krav Maga, but also incorporate aspects of fitness and personal improvement.

  • Krav Maga DTS has become popular in many countries and has been adopted by people from different professions, including military, law enforcement, as well as civilians looking to learn effective self-defense skills. The Krav Maga DTS methodology is based on fundamental principles, such as simplicity, efficiency and adaptability. It focuses on teaching techniques and tactics that can be learned quickly and applied in stressful situations.

  • In addition to the physical aspects of combat, Krav Maga DTS also emphasizes quick and effective decision making, situational awareness, and prevention.

  • Krav Maga DTS offers different levels of training, from beginner to expert, and covers a wide range of skills, including self-defense against unarmed attacks, defense against weapons, hand-to-hand combat techniques and physical conditioning training. In short, Krav Maga DTS is a variant of Krav Maga that has evolved from the original system developed by Imi Lichtenfeld. It focuses on simplicity, efficiency and adaptability, and is designed to provide people with practical and effective self-defense and survival skills in realistic combat situations.


History about Ruben Irigoyen

  • 1972 Taekwondo begins, under the direction of Roberto Villalba in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

  • 1973 Tang Soo do begins, under the direction of Roberto Villalba in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

  • 1981 Member of the Armored Engineer Squadron 1- Olavarria, Argentina

  • 1982 Active participation in the Malvinas War.

  • 1983 WTF Taekwondo restarts again, under the direction of teachers Ku and Chang in the city of La Plata, Arg.

  • 1995 1st Dan Black belt in Taekwondo - Member of the Argentine team - Bronze Medal ODESUR Chile Games.

  • 1995 World Open Style Champion in the City of Cordoba, Argentina.

  • 1995 Tournament of Champions Champion - Ramos Mejias for YUDO KARATE magazine, Mr. J. Avila TKD ITF

  • 1995 Member of the Argentine national Sport Jiujitsu team - Shijan Claudio Palumbo and master Ernie Bo USA

  • Diffusion and openings of the TKD STF=ATA style in Brazil under the leadership of maestro Juan Samaniego

  • 1996 Starts working with the greatest business personality in martial arts, Grand Master William Clark USA

  • 1996 Combat-Aerobics Instructor

  • 1997 Executive Kickboxing Instructor

  • 1998 Collaborator of free forms of colored belts for TKD-ATA and opening to competition in weapons.

  • 1998 Ruben Irigoyen- Completed all certifications in KM USA up to his Expert level (black belt)

  • 1998 4 Dan in TKD- World Champion in Combat.

  • 2000 5 Dan in TKD - Certificate awarded by President and Founder Eternal Grand Master H. U. Lee

  • 2001 5 Dan in TKD - World Champion in Combat and Weapons

  • 2003 Opening of Irigoyen Family Center in the City of New Orleans LA USA.

  • 2005 5 Dan in TKD - World Champion in Form and Weapons

  • 165 Total tournaments participated.

Certification and specialties:

  • 2008 Instructor- Coach- Keysi Fighting Method under Maestro Justo.

  • 7 Dan in Goju Ryu Karate - Shijan Marcelo Beltramino MDP Argentina

  • 2003 Ruben Irigoyen, designs the Krav Maga DTS program and together with his valuable work team, Paulo Barrera, Guillermo Guevara and Julian Busca, begins the teaching and dissemination of Krav Maga DTS in different parts of the world.

  • 2010 Opening of the Krav Maga DTS headquarters in the City of Harrisburg NC USA.



Director Ejecutivo para Argentina
Paulo César Barrera, de 44 años de edad, de la ciudad de mar del plata provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina. 
- 1995 Ingresa a la Armada Argentina.
- 1995 16 Años Infantería de Marina.  
- Especialista en Combate Urbano. 
- Especialista en Combate Ribereño. 
- Especialista en Combate baja montaña. 
- Infante destacado en Naciones Unidas en la isla de Chipre (1998) y en Haití (2006). 
- Jefe de grupo tiradores de Infantería de Marina,
- Actualmente ejerce como profesor de Krav maga dts en la Universidad de Krav Maga Worldwide, ubicada en la ciudad de Mar del Plata.
Colaborador en la organizacion y estructura de la Universidad  Krav Maga junto a su equipo de trabajo.
- 2009 Comienzo en Krav Maga en el año 2009,  
- 2015  Capacitacion y certificaciones con el maestro Ruben Irigoyen. 
- 2015 Instructor Fase B, Jefe de Instructore
- 2017 Director Regional 
En su actualidad es mas alto rango de la organizacion, ejerciendo hoy en dia, su tarea como Director Ejecutivo para Argentina.


Director Nacional para Argentina

Comienzo su capacitacion en Noviembre del 2013 en la ciudad de Mar del Plata, Argentina.
2016 Instructor de Krav Maga Fase A
2017 Instructor de Krav Maga Fase B
2018 Instructor de Krav Maga Fase C
recibiendo el título Instructor Certificado cinturon negro de Krav Maga DTS
2023 Director Nacional Arg. Krav Maga  
2023 Formación de Instructor Internacional en Primeros Auxilios RCP y DEA.
2023 1r Dan Taekwondo ATA

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